Privacy Policy

HackGT strives to be a responsible courier of your data. When you register for or attend our events, we collect information subject to the following policy.

What do we collect?

We collect the information submitted during registration and checkin data during the event.

Why do we collect this information?

Registration information is used for admission and event logistics communication. Registration information is not released publicly. Your HackGT account is shared across our apps to identify you during the event. Relevant recruiting information is shared with our sponsors, and includes but is not limited to: year in school, career, resumes, and contact info. During our events, we collect statistics on attendance in talks, meals, and mini-events to gauge popularity and improve future events. We use third party services, OneSignal and Firebase Cloud Messaging, which collect device information necessary for notifications on our website and app, respectively.

We keep each year's registration information on our servers to create aggregate statistics for marketing purposes and to improve our admission processes.


If you would like to withdraw your registration, update erroneous information, or have another concern, please email [email protected].