At HackGT, we build the technology behind hackathons. We believe in making our solutions available through open source projects on GitHub.


Registration is a powerful application system for hackathons and other large events. Users can easily sign up with Google, Github, or Facebook, submit event registrations, create or join teams, and confirm attendance. Admins can also view relevant metrics, read application responses, accept applicants, and send emails to participants.


Beehive is a custom infrastructure automation system we wrote to manage the build and deployment pipeline of HackGT applications. Developers can effortlessly deploy code to staging and production environments, and automated monitoring allows us to roll-back code if issues are detected.


Checkin is HackGT’s system for checking in attendees for various activities (tags) throughout a hackathon, such as arriving to the event, receiving meals, and getting t-shirts. Hackathon organizers can create tags, check participants in/out, and view updates in real-time.

HackGT Organization Site

The HackGT website features our organization’s events, mission, teams, projects, and blog.

Sponsorship Portal

HackGT’s sponsorship portal is an ongoing project to provide hackathon sponsors with an intuitive interface for searching, viewing, and downloading participants’ resumes.