We are 


The Communications Team serves as the voice for HackGT. Through marketing, brand management, social media engagement, press releases, etc., this team handles all forms of communication between the world and the organization.


The Design Team is the pioneer for eye-catching and compelling marketing for the organization. Through effective branding, unique event theming, and user friendly interfaces, HackGT is able to offer exclusive and meaningful experiences that enrich the community.


The HackGT Executive Board is tasked with guiding the vision of HackGT. From orchestrating the team’s actions to ensuring that the standards of the organization are exceeded, this board helps ensure that HackGT is constantly striving to be an organization that has a positive and lasting impact on the communities we serve.


The Finance Team is tasked with ensuring the financial stability of the organization. By planning, organizing, auditing, and accounting, this team strives to maintain HackGT’s financial responsibilities.


The Operations Team is the team responsible for the logistics of every event that HackGT organizes. Including food, venue, transportation, and materials for each event, anything that does not fall under any of the other teams is covered by this team. The goal of operations is makes sure that the physical presence of each event is intact and that HackGT’s events run smoothly.


The Technology Team develops the technology that allows HackGT to run smoothly. From streamlining event check-in to automating the team’s deployment workflow, the technology team implements solutions to the logistical and technical problems we face when organizing events in an effort to improve our attendees’ overall event experience.

HackGT is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and student organization consisting of Georgia Tech undergraduate students focused on being the drivers of computer science outreach in the Georgia Tech, state, and national communities. Through throwing large-scale collegiate hackathons of upwards of 1000 people to small-scale hackathons and workshops, our organization aims to spread the spirit of application, innovation, and creativity in computer science education.

By partnering with companies and organizations large and small, we are able to cultivate environments that bring value to the lives of the communities we serve all at no cost to the participants. The motivation behind throwing free events is to allow for any person of any background to have the capacity to take full advantage of a positive experience. Our organization strives to provide a resource-rich environment that ultimately ends up in allowing a participant to learn and apply new skills, connect with other like-minded innovate individuals, and bring any of their ideas to life.