Major League Hacking 2024 Hackathon Season



Innovate, reimagine, and shape the future this year at HackGT X: Journal of Memories from October 13th - 15th! The tenth iteration of our flagship hackathon is bringing a hack to remember to all brainstormers, creators, and makers.

Each year, HackGT welcomes over 1500+ hackers from around the world to solve novel challenges, win exciting prizes, and meet loads of new friends! This event is open to everyone and is an opportunity for students of all backgrounds, skill levels, and experiences to innovate and showcase their ideas. HackGT brings you an action-packed, memorable weekend filled with networking opportunities, community-building activities, and aesthetic swag!

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Tracks and Challenges


In DIGITAL ART 4510, hackers embrace the power of digital arts and entertainment to create immersive experiences that evoke emotions and transport audiences to new realms. Their project becomes a cherished memory, weaving together creativity, storytelling, and the joy of shared moments.

EDU 3510

By taking EDU 3510, you aim to enhance education by paving the way for inclusive and transformative education. Some avenues could be through visualization, self-improvement tools, accessibility innovations, and more. Their project encapsulates the memories of growth, empowerment, and the joy of learning, encouraging others to unlock their full potential.



Take SUSTAIN 2110 to explore and use your forward-thinking approaches towards sustainability and environmental conservation. Your project will embody the memories we cherish, reminding us to be responsible stewards of the Earth and leave a positive legacy for future generations.


In INNOVATE 3251, we invite teams to explore cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, and more. Their project represents the transformative power of technology, creating a lasting impact and shaping unforgettable memories.


For the HEALTH 1001 track, teams can leverage technology to create innovative solutions that improve healthcare accessibility, promote mental well-being, and foster personal growth. Just like cherished memories, their project captures the essence of nurturing a healthier future.


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