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HackGT stands with the Black Community

We are deeply disheartened and hurt by the blatant acts of racism and injustice happening both here in our home state of Georgia, and on a national level. HackGT stands against racism towards the Black community, and supports those against racism in all forms. Silence speaks loudly, and we cannot claim to believe in our values if we do not speak up and support others when it matters the most.

In order to continue creating a future in education and technology that is accessible to ALL, we must take the time to listen and to educate ourselves. Our actions must include working alongside the communities we aim to serve, and reinforcing our commitment to education initiatives in the Atlanta area. To see some of the actions we are taking, and to get involved, please visit our Facebook.

We are here for you, we hear you, and we support you. We will continue to fight for a future that is inclusive and just for all.

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HackGT is about Community

HackGT aims to promote computer science education in collegiate and high school communities. From organizing hackathons across disciplines to bridging the STEM education gap in underserved communities, HackGT aims to spread the value of computer science to the masses.

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Meet the HackGTeam

HackGT is a team of undergraduate students at Georgia Tech that encourage members of its team to make an impact around them - whether that is through solving problems hackathon organizers face or improving the outlook of our events with polish and professionalism.

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